Creativity has no limits. So why would we?

Shido is a digital creative agency that specializesin creating immersive experciences that allow peopleto discover products and companies in a never seen way.

A beautiful hero image that shows multiple geometric bodies in a shining material
A pink flyer mockup that was done for the agency blm
A picture of a vinyl record and its packaging that contains the branding for the podcast 'Mit Herz aber ohne Seele'
Logo for Disselhoff Fine Food on a glass door
Logo of the Big Town clothing brand on a piece of fabric
A modern digital poster for the Summer Music Festival
The landing page for the Hund Ganz Einfach website
Showcase of patient management app
Flowery Business Cards for the blm agency
A custom pizza box with branding from our brand
A dark colored arc in the left of the background
A dark colored arc in the right of the background

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